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Rocky Fortune
[Image: rocky-fortune2.gif]

Rocky Fortune is an American radio drama that aired weekly on NBC Radio beginning in October 1953 (see 1953 in radio). The series ended its run in March 1954 after 25 episodes. The program was created by George Lefferts. Frank Sinatra voiced the title role of Rocky Fortune for the entire series. Rocky Fortune aired Tuesday nights on NBC at 9:35pm Eastern, immediately following Dragnet (and a five-minute John Cameron Swayze newscast). It was a sustaining series, meaning that NBC presented the program without corporate sponsorship. The premiere episode, "Oyster Shucker", originally aired on October 6, 1953.
Rocky Fortune
Oyster Shucker
Aired 10-6-1953

Rocky Fortune
Steven In a Rest Home
Aired 10-13-1953

Rocky Fortune
Shipboard Jewel Robbery
Aired 10-20-1953

Rocky Fortune
Pintsized Payroll Bandit
Aired 10-27-1953

Rocky Fortune
Messenger For Murder
Aired 11-10-1953


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