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Easy Aces
[Image: easy-aces.jpg]

Easy Aces, a long-running American serial radio comedy (1930–1945), was trademarked by the low-keyed drollery of creator and writer Goodman Ace and his wife, Jane, as an urbane, put-upon realtor and his malaprop-prone wife. A 15-minute program, airing as often as five times a week, Easy Aces wasn't quite the ratings smash that such concurrent 15-minute serial comedies as Amos 'n' Andy, The Goldbergs, Lum and Abner, or Vic and Sade were. But its unobtrusive, conversational, and clever style, and the cheerful absurdism of its storylines, built a loyal enough audience of listeners and critics alike to keep it on the air for 15 years.
Easy Aces
Aces Get Ready For Arizona Trip
Episode 136

Easy Aces
Betty And Cokie Find Note Signed M
Episode 137

Easy Aces
Neal Joins Investigation Of Note
Episode 138

Easy Aces
Neal Suspects Marsh For The Illegal Land Deal
Episode 139

Easy Aces
City Files Are Missing On Marsh Property
Episode 140


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