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Lum and Abner
[Image: lumabner2.jpg]

Lum and Abner was an American network radio comedy program created by Chester Lauck and Norris Goff that was aired from 1931 to 1954. Modeled on life in the small town of Waters, Arkansas, near where Lauck and Goff grew up, the show proved immensely popular. In 1936, Waters changed its name to Pine Ridge after the show's fictional town. The series was created by co-stars Chester Lauck (who played Columbus "Lum" Edwards) and Norris Goff (Abner Peabody). The two characters performed as a double act, with Lum generally playing the straight man to Abner's attempts to break free from Lum's influence. As co-owners of the Jot 'em Down Store in the fictional town of Pine Ridge, Arkansas, the pair are constantly stumbling upon moneymaking ideas only to find themselves fleeced by nemesis Squire Skimp, before finally finding a way to redeem themselves. Lum and Abner played the hillbilly theme with deceptive cleverness.
Lum and Abner
Abner Will Spend The Rest of His Money on A Trip
Aired 8-30-1948

Lum and Abner
Lose Money on Circus Opening
Aired 3-25-1935

Lum and Abner
Abner Buys Glasses
Aired 3-26-1935

Lum and Abner
Lum and Cedric Buys Glasses
Aired 3-27-1935

Lum and Abner
Grand Opening of Circus Tomorrow
Aired 3-22-1935


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