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Frontier Gentleman
[Image: frontiergentleman.jpg]

Frontier Gentleman is a short-lived radio Western series originally broadcast on the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) radio network from February 2 to November 16, 1958, initially heard Sunday afternoons at 2:30 p.m. (Eastern Time) through March when it moved to 7 p.m.

Frontier Gentleman was one of several "adult westerns," along with Gunsmoke ,(1952-1961), Luke Slaughter of Tombstone and others, that appeared on radio and television in the early 1950s. The genre was described as "grittier, more realistic, and clearly intended for an older audience. Adult westerns were less the descendants of their juvenile predecessors than they were cousins of western feature films such as Shane (1953), with Alan Ladd and High Noon (1952), starring Gary Cooper" The program was set in the post-Civil War United States.

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