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The Harold Peary Show
[Image: harold-peary-show.jpg]

The Harold Peary Show is a radio situation comedy broadcast in the United States September 17, 1950-June 13, 1951 on CBS. Some sources refer to the program as Honest Harold or The Hal Peary Show. The period 1948-1950 brought major changes to network radio, as CBS hired a number of stars from NBC in what some have called "talent raids." Some of the top performers who changed networks were Jack Benny, Red Skelton, Edgar Bergen, and the husband-and-wife duo George Burns and Gracie Allen. One result of the changes was that 12 of the 15 highest rated radio programs at the end of 1949 were on CBS. Harold Peary did not find such success, however. Peary switched to CBS, while the program in which he had starred, The Great Gildersleeve, stayed on NBC. Those changes resulted in a new program (The Harold Peary Show) for Peary and a new star (Willard Waterman) for Gildersleeve. Radio historian John Dunning commented that The Harold Peary Show "failed to gain any measure of an audience in its lone season."
The Harold Peary Show
Harold Loses his Job
Aired 9-17-1950

The Harold Peary Show
Renaming Boomer Park
Aired 9-24-1950

The Harold Peary Show
Shark Repellent
Aired 10-4-1950

The Harold Peary Show
The Chanteuse
Aired 10-11-1950

The Harold Peary Show
The Runaway Boy
Aired 10-18-1950


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