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My Friend Irma
[Image: irma.jpg]

My Friend Irma, created by writer-director-producer Cy Howard, is a top-rated, long-run radio situation comedy that spawned a media franchise. It was so popular in the late 1940s that its success escalated to films, television, a comic strip and a comic book. Marie Wilson portrayed the title character, Irma Peterson, on radio, in two films and the television series. The radio series was broadcast on the Columbia network from April 11, 1947 to August 23, 1954. Dependable, level-headed Jane Stacy (Cathy Lewis—and Joan Banks during Lewis' illness in early 1949) began each weekly radio program by narrating a misadventure of her innocent, bewildered roommate, Irma, a scatterbrained stenographer from Minnesota. The two central characters were in their mid-twenties. Irma had her 25th birthday in one episode; she was born on May 5. After the two met in the first episode, they lived together in an apartment rented from their Irish landlady, Mrs. O'Reilly (Jane Morgan, Gloria Gordon).
My Friend Irma
Irma Meets Jane
Aired 4-11-1947

My Friend Irma
Irma Gives Rent Money To Al
Aired 4-18-1947

My Friend Irma
Jane And Irma Lose Their Jobs
Aired 5-16-1947

My Friend Irma
The Fur Coat
Aired 6-13-1947

My Friend Irma
Piano Lessons For Junior
Aired 7-21-1947


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