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Adobe Flash is Dead

on 13 May 2018 : 01:15  Posted by Administrator  Category: Misc  Comments are turned off for this item

The plug-in – loved and hated across the world – won't actually be put out of its misery until 2020. But the company that makes it has signalled it will come to an end. Flash was once the technology powering the many games and videos of the early internet. As an animation platform it allowed for the creation of clickable games and videos on places like YouTube, and in so doing helped create the web as we know it today.

But it was also slow and unwieldy. And it was filled with security holes, which meant that hackers could break into the software and then into people's computers. Those problems led experts to encourage people to block or delete the plug-in as soon as they could, to avoid further problems with the now ageing software. Much of its functionality has now been replaced by HTML 5, a more recent invention that avoids the problems of Flash but includes the same functionality.

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