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Adventures of Babe Ruth

Adventures of Babe Ruth - Babe Ruth had his own radio program, back in the 1930s it was appropriate for Radio, Come in and Listen to the Adventures of Babe Ruth. right here at Outlaws Old Time Radio Corner. The Adventures of Babe Ruth was produced in 1934 on the Blue Network, with sponsorship by Quaker Oats. It told in-depth, fully dramatized episodes from Babe Ruths career, giving a a sense of the real man there in the dugout and on the field. While these programs are from the 1950 series sponsored by the Navy, they are the original episodes from 1934. The 1934 programs featured interviews with Babe Ruth by sportswriter Steve Martin. The Quaker Oats spots (which took up a great deal of the program, much like Jack Armstrong's Wheaties commercials) were substituted with additional dialog by Jackson Beck, including those commercials for the Navy.

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